We use automated AI rather than call centers or brokers to run and manage your policy, which costs us less and translates into lower premiums for you. Don't forget we take a low fixed fee, and Insurcue flat price, ensures we'll never charge you more. Overall this means your price could be considerably lower than what you would pay elsewhere. But why take our word for it? It only takes 90 seconds to a get a final price.

Insurcue, is the first insurance compare smart platform authorized and approved by the insurance authority.

Insurcue is not an old insurance company trying to be digital (by adding a website or an app, yet you can't get much done without the call center). Insurcue is a technology business, built from scratch, to bring you the savings and control powered by AI.

As a company, we get paid a commission by insurance companies for policies we sell. But don’t worry: these commissions are already baked into the price of all insurance policies. This means you never pay extra to use our service.

We understand that commissions introduce a potential conflict of interest. But we avoid that conflict by:

  • Being transparent: showing you all quotes from all companies, so that you can decide what to buy (or not to buy)
  • Focusing on advice: every day we publish free resources to help you make smart decisions about insurance.

E-mail us on help@insurcue.com and we will get right on it.

We were founded by a group of people who had worked with and for some of the biggest insurers in UAE, and saw from the inside why there is so little love for insurance. We realized the only way to fix insurance was to get out and start over. So we built Insurcue.

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Dubai -UAE
Land Line: +971 4 234 5000
Mobile Number: 00971589602508
Email: info@insurcue.com


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